Musteq Hydro Sdn. Bhd.


Musteq Hydro Sdn. Bhd. is a special-purpose company set up to build, operate and maintain a 20MW hydro power plant, Sg Kenerong Small Hydro Power Station situation at Sungai Kenerong, Kelantan, under an IPP license granted by the Government of Malaysia in 1994. In a PPA signed with TNB on 19 July 1997, Musteq will generate and sell electricity to TNB for 30 years from its Commercial Date of Operation.


The plant site is located at Sungai Kenerong and its major tributary, Sungai Semuliang, approximately 150 km south west of Kota Bharu in the state of Kelantan.

Address:Sg Kenerong Hydro Power Station
2.6km off Jalan Meranto,
Kampung Stong
Tel:(+609) 747 1000 / (+6019) 315 3751